Muskegon fishing report

We fished saturday north of muskegon, 80 to 130 fow, we hit 12 fish on a north troll in 100 to 130 fow, which took us about 4 hours, we turned south in 160 and never had a hit until we came in to 90 to 80 fow, that depth was full of bait and big fish. We finished getting our 20 fish in less than an hour. Jaeger Bomb Michigan stinger spoon back 80 feet on a slide diver, riggers down 50 to 60 with blue dolphin and uv blue dolphin were hot. Carmel dolphin on a 150 copper was good, and watermellon on a 300 copper was great, we also took alot of fish on chrome bladed spoons with any kind of yellow stripe. Pretty much the top 50 fow was the best. Stinger spoons in the stingray and standard sizes worked the best,